9 Books to Read If You Love Hallmark Movies

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for cheesy Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones. I countdown until I can watch a whole ton of them and swoon happily. We’re in that time of year where Hallmark Christmas movies are out, and we’re all (some secretly) watching them with big smiles on our faces.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love these books to satisfy your book lovin’ heart with swoony and feel-good small town romance books and the steam you wish Hallmark movies included. Check out this list and grab your favorites!


A famous country star returns to his hometown to find himself. He never thought he’d find love again, but the sassy new bartender in town is starting to break down his walls.

Read it here: mybook.to/WYALS

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Childhood best friends reunite when Lia moves back to town. Needing a place to live, Axel offers her his spare bedroom. Chemistry sparks, and soon they won’t be able to lie to themselves. Will they confess their true feelings?

Read it here: mybook.to/RYH

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Needing an excuse to turn down a persistent bachelor in town, Poppy seeks help from a new stranger. But what starts off as fake begins to feel more real than anything in her life.

Read it here: mybook.to/PYMFF

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


A bed and breakfast owner needs help from the town’s contractor to renovate the house she purchased for her new business endeavor. The only problem? They can’t stand each other. Can hate turn to love?

Read it here: mybook.to/mym

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


When a shy photographer needs help finding love, her best friend’s brother offers to guide her in the dating scene. Soon, he realizes he wants a chance to win her heart before anyone else does.

Read it here: mybook.to/YMIE

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


When a broody single dad meets the new country singer in town, he begins to question if a second chance at love is worth risking his heart.

Read it here: mybook.to/TIMY

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

A sexy and funny friends-to-lovers romance book

Reese vowed to never fall for another musician. Dex wants all of her. Will he be able to prove to her not all musicians are the same, or will he remain friend-zoned?

Read it here: mybook.to/PYFF

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

MoU ebook

 Hunter’s biggest regret is losing Mackenzie. He’s spent years trying to contact her while writing songs about her. When they finally reunite, will she be able to forgive him, or has their love come to an end?

Read it here: mybook.to/MOU

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


This small town baker is looking for love in all the wrong places when she unexpectedly meets the university’s new baseball coach. His dream has always been to work for the big leagues, but will he give that up for love?

Read it here: mybook.to/SOW

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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