Make You Mine: Love in Everton, 4

A hate-to-lovers romance coming from Fabiola Francisco in 2020.

A sexy-as-sin contractor
A know-it-all
Secret attraction

Official blurb to be announced.

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Sneak Peek:

“You have no idea how much I want you,” I whisper. 

One side of her lips tilts in what has to be the sexiest smile, and her hand moves between us, landing on my cock. It twitches under her touch, my jeans not hiding the effect she has on me. 

“Show me,” Averly challenges with a gentle squeeze, and my lips are back on hers, claiming her, possessing her, making her moan. 

“Is this the alcohol talking?” I lean my head away from her and look into her eyes. The last thing I need is for her to wake up tomorrow in one of her moods and blame me for this. 


“I’m going to need that in writing,” I tease. 

“You’re ruining this,” she deadpans. 

“Nah, I’m about to make it much better,” I promise. 

I move into her again, giving her one last, passionate kiss, taking her bottom lip between my teeth and tugging before I take a step back. Averly moans, and her eyes remain closed even after I’ve moved away from her. 

When she blinks her eyes open, she stares at me with fire burning in her brown orbs. “Goodness, you’re a better kisser than I remembered.” 

“Let’s go.” I grab her hand, leading her up to my house. If she’s remembering the kiss from last week, she’s going to remember the pleasure I’m about to give her for months to come. I’ll make damn sure of it. 

©Fabiola Francisco, unedited & subject to change


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