Not So Charming is Live!

Are you ready to fall in love with a new book boyfriend?

Not So Charming is now available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! This hate-to-lovers small town romance will sweep you off your feet. She’s a reserved bookworm. He’s a charmer and everything she hates. When she sees a different side to him, will these two opposites find true love? 

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What you’ll find:

hate to lovers

opposites attract

small town

steam & swoon

twists & turns

adorable nieces




I vowed never to return to my hometown and the people who live there. Now, unemployed and needing a place to live, I move back with my mom, promising myself that it’s only temporary.

When small-town charmer, Miles, thinks his charisma will work on me, he’s got another thing coming. I want nothing to do with him and what he represents in this town. He’s everything I ran from when I left and never looked back. 

Miles is persistent in his pursuit, no matter how many times I turn him down. What could a guy like him want with a girl like me? We come from two different worlds—one where mine serves his.

But I need a job, and his family’s winery is the only place hiring. Working alongside him, I see a different side of him that I thought was nonexistent. 

Hatred turns to curiosity, and soon I’m wondering if there’s more to the man I thought I knew growing up. 

Not So Charming is a feel-good romance. If you like hate-to-lovers, witty banter, and swoon, then you’ll love this small town romance. 


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Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana: Small Town Series

I am so excited to share this special project with you! I’ve been keeping quiet (it’s been so hard!), and working with this amazing group of authors to bring you a new small town to escape to! You have all in the info below for each book and check out these gorgeous covers!

Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana

MASON CREEK SERIES: 12 Books by 12 Bestselling Authors, all tied together by one fictional small town.

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🌲 Perfect Risk by C.A. Harms 👉 RELEASING APRIL 8
An unresolved past has a way of haunting you. Things can sure get complicated when the man that broke your heart all those years ago is now your new landlord.

🌲 Perfect Song by Lauren Runow  👉 RELEASING APRIL 22
You can’t help who you fall in love with, even when he’s fifteen years older and from the hometown you swore you’d never go back to. Life has a weird way of pointing you in the right direction when you least expect it. Tucker is my healer, my savior, but when he needs help will he let me be the same for him?

🌲 Perfect Love by A.M. Hargrove 👉 RELEASING MAY 6
Local coffee shop owner clashes with cold-hearted, single dad, town doctor and sparks fly.

🌲 Perfect Night by Terri E. Laine 👉 RELEASING MAY 20
Emma thought she was finally leaving Mason Creek for greener pastures until Aiden waltzed back into town. Their timing for anything more than friends had always been wrong. But when she needs his help, nothing could stop their chemistry from being just right.

🌲 Perfect Tragedy by Jennifer Miller 👉 RELEASING JUNE 3
He’s my first love and my brother’s best friend. I’ve waited years to tell him I don’t have to be his first love, but I can be his last.

🌲 Perfect Escape by Cary Hart 👉 RELEASING JUNE 17
Charlee was looking for a place to nurse her broken heart, and Mason Creek was the picture-perfect escape. Small town life was just a temporary Band-Aid, until sexy single dad Grady gave her a reason to stay… and a second chance at happiness.

🌲 Perfect Summer by Bethany Lopez 👉 RELEASING JULY 1
Ten years after leaving, I never expected to run a business and raise my daughter back in Mason Creek, where nothing is private. Now there’s no chance I can avoid Mitch, the man I left behind—the town will see to that.

🌲 Perfect Embrace by Kaylee Ryan 👉 RELEASING JULY 15
The day he walks into my bookstore with his adorable twin daughters, I know my life is going to change forever. The chemistry is tangible, the tragedy his truth, and my schoolgirl crush, even after all of these years, is still alive.

🌲 Perfect Kiss by Lacey Black 👉 RELEASING JULY 29
They say opposites attract, but I never understood the phrase until Leni walked into my office. She’s quiet, professional, and appears immune to my charms. This single mom might be everything I never knew I wanted.

🌲 Perfect Mess by Fabiola Francisco 👉 RELEASING AUGUST 12
A toxic relationship crumbled my self-esteem, but Wilder James, the sexy rancher, is tearing down every insecurity, showing me what it feels like to be wanted. My time in Mason Creek is temporary, and soon I’ll have to say the hardest goodbye.

🌲 Perfect Excuse by A.D. Justice 👉 RELEASING AUGUST 26
As if going through a divorce in a small town isn’t bad enough, a custody dispute landed us in couples therapy. Before we can file to dissolve our marriage, we have to come to an agreement regarding… our pet bird.

🌲 Perfect Secret by Molly McLain 👉 RELEASING SEPTEMBER 9
I’m done with men. Or at least I thought I was until I found Holden standing in my shower, naked, wet, and built like he could break my heart…and my bed.

The Right Kind of Wrong Cover Reveal

I am so excited to share this cover with you! I am absolutely in love with this book and can’t wait for you to read it!

The Right Kind of Wrong is coming on March 24th, and this brother’s best friend is going to sweep you off your feet. It’s one of my favorite stories! So, I wanted to get the cover just right for Camden and Allyson. I believe I did them justice with the swoony cover!

The Right Kind of Wrong is a brother’s best friend/surprise pregnancy romance set between Spain, my current home, and the US. It’s got laughs, emotions, and so much swoon. It will take you through a heartfelt journey with twists and turns.

Camden is the ultimate bachelor. Allyson’s never had a one-night-stand until now. When the unexpected happens, will they realize there’s more between them than friendship? 

tRKoW ebook

Grab the pre-order at a special price here:

Pre-order price is $2.99 and it will increase to $4.99 on release day, so take advantage of this sale! If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it will release onto Kindle Unlimited.

The Right Kind of Wrong Blurb

The last thing I expect is to wake up in bed next to my brother’s best friend. It’s a mistake I hope to forget when I go back to my life in Madrid.

But Camden is determined to pursue me despite the distance. I was wrong to think an ocean apart would be far enough to clear him from my mind and move on.

Especially when a positive pregnancy test shatters every plan, every dream.

Now I’m forced to tell a man who hasn’t had a serious relationship in all the years I’ve known him that he’s about to be a dad.

As soon as he learns the news, he’s on my doorstep, winning my heart and proving that he’s set on being a father to this child.

I begin to see a different version of the man I thought I knew, but life has other plans for us. And right when I think I’ve found a way to be with him, the unexpected throws our lives into chaos, threatening to rip it all apart.

My Way to You is live!

I am so excited to share this story with you! My Way to You is a swoon-worthy second chance romance novel not to miss. Many are saying Easton and Faith are their favorite couple! If you like sexy heroes, humor, and heartfelt love stories, then you’ll love this second chance romance. 

It’s bittersweet saying goodbye to this town and these characters, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you for being a part of this journey, loving this characters, and supporting my work. (Scroll down for more info)

MWtY ebook

Read this feel-good romance today! 

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B L U R B:

At fifteen, I knew I had found the girl I would one day marry. 

At seventeen, I was forced to move across the country and leave her behind, breaking both of our hearts.

Now, I’m back in Everton and ready to live the life I always wanted. I only hope that after so much time, Faith is willing to give me a second chance.

She still takes my breath away, and I’m going to prove to her that things are different this time around. She has always been the one who got away, and nothing will stand in our way. I’ll make sure of it. 

Until my family needs me, and I have to choose between them and the woman I love. 


Catch up with the Love in Everton series here:


My Way to You Cover Reveal!

I’m SOOO excited to show you the cover for MY WAY TO YOU! I’ve been sitting on it for some time, and I can’t wait for you to see it! Can we say heeellloooo, handsome? Purple is my favorite color, and I’m so happy to finally use it in this series!

My Way to You releases on January 20th. This small town, second chance romance is so swoony, filled with humor, and has all the Everton quirks you’ve grown to love throughout the series. 


MWtY ebook


At fifteen, I knew I had found the girl I would one day marry.
At seventeen, I was forced to move across the country and leave her behind, breaking both of our hearts.

Now, I’m back in Everton and ready to live the life I always wanted. I only hope that after so much time, Faith is willing to give me a second chance.

She still takes my breath away, and I’m going to prove to her that things are different this time around. She has always been the one who got away, and nothing will stand in our way. I’ll make sure of it.

Until my family needs me, and I have to choose between them and the woman I love.



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Book Recommendations From My Characters

Hey! A few months ago, a readers asked me if I’d share the titles of books I’ve mentioned in my own novels. I love dropping Easter eggs in my books when I write them. I think it’s so much fun to mention characters from my author pals’ books and make them friends with my own characters. It’s always a neat surprise for our cross-over readers!

If you haven’t read any of these, I highly recommend them. I’ve compiled a list sorted by books/series for you to enjoy! Scroll down to read the list!

Romance Books recommended in Fabiola Francisco's novels.

Cameos in the Love in Everton series:

Return to Us by Christy Pastore: Matthew and Tinley are friends with Knox and Harris, Write You a Love Song and Pretend You’re Mine. It’s so fun having them pop in and out of the series! I love this story by Christy Pastore. It’s such a great romance about the struggles of marriage, celebrity drama, and true love.

Verite by Rachel Blaufeld: This is Lia’s favorite book in Roping Your Heart. She even has a signed paperback! This is probably my favorite book by Rachel Blaufeld (though it’s a tough choice!). This sports romance has so much heart. Ty is mine, but I’ll let you borrow him for a bit. If you’re looking for an interracial romance, this is a must.

Redemption Lane by Rachel Blaufeld: Averly and her best friends choose this as their book club pick in Make You Mine! SUCH a good story! It’s full of angst, high emotions, and sexy romance.

Bound to Me by Christy Pastore: Alex and Ella appear in a scene with Matthew and Tinley in You Make It Easy. Alex may be my favorite book boyfriend by Christy Pastore. This is a bodyguard romance with a spunky British heroine and a guarded and broken hero. HIGH recommendation!

Healed by You by Christy Pastore: Grady works with Matthew, and they both are mentioned in Then I Met You when Knox and Sutton work together on a soundtrack for their newest film. Second chances, friendships, and angst make this romance a must read. You’ll love these characters!

Play Me by Cary Hart: Ellie meets Sutton in a Nashville bar in Then I Met You. She gives her advice on love that helps Sutton put her life in perspective. This is such a good romance about a country music singer who’s lost and trying to find her way. Not to mention, she has the perfect hero by her side.

Mentioned in Red Lights Black Hearts:

Max recommends The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to Samantha in Red Lights Black Hearts. It’s the perfect story for her, and it’s my absolute favorite book!

Mentioned in Twisted in You:

Electrified by Rachel Blaufeld was Blaufeld’s debut, and one of the few books that has ever surprised me. It made my mouth drop. Sienna has been through a lot, and Mikayla reads this novel as a part of her healing process. 

Mentioned in All My Truths & One Lie:

In The Gray by A.D. McCammon: Also a book a character of mine reads, Navia finds a connection with this story in her own path. This story is beautiful and poetic. Deep with meaning and real-life issues.

Cameos in the Rebel Desire series:

The Scripted Duet by Christy Pastore: Cash and Ronan meet as their careers cross paths and they create an unlikely bromance. Ronan and Holliday make appearances throughout the series. This romance is smart, sexy, and suspenseful. It touches on serious subjects while proving you can overcome anything stronger.  

I hope you find some of your favorite reads on this list! I’d love to know if you’ve read any of them or if you plan to read them. Let me know in the comments!

Now Available: Rebel Desire Box Set

IT’S LIVE! I am so excited to share this box set with you! It’s been a long time coming, and the day has finally arrived. If you like sexy musicians, feel-good romance, and a dash of angst, then you’ll love this series. 

Five country music romances in one + NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bonus scenes for EACH couple!

Fall in love with these swoon-worthy musicians and the sassy women they fall for today!

Read it now! 

Free with Kindle Unlimited


Lovin’ on You: Cash never expected to find his real-life muse until Olivia walked into a bar in her pajamas. But when her past tears them apart, will he be stuck singing songs about the one who got away?

Love You Through It: Bri feels as if she’s died alongside her husband, unable to continue with her life. Cole isn’t willing to watch the only woman he’s secretly cared for wither away. Will Bri find a way to overcome grief and open her heart a second time?

All of You: Jason wants to find love like his friends have, but he never expected to fall for a single mom. Will he be able to give Cassidy Rae the family she deserves?

Memories of Us: Hunter’s biggest regret is losing Mackenzie. He’s spent years trying to contact her while writing songs about her. When they finally reunite, will she be able to forgive him, or has their love come to an end?

Promise You: Reese vowed to never fall for another musician. Dex wants all of her. Will he be able to prove to her not all musicians are the same, or will he remain friend-zoned?

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Available with Kindle Unlimited!

9 Books to Read If You Love Hallmark Movies

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for cheesy Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones. I countdown until I can watch a whole ton of them and swoon happily. We’re in that time of year where Hallmark Christmas movies are out, and we’re all (some secretly) watching them with big smiles on our faces.

If you’re like me, then you’ll love these books to satisfy your book lovin’ heart with swoony and feel-good small town romance books and the steam you wish Hallmark movies included. Check out this list and grab your favorites!


A famous country star returns to his hometown to find himself. He never thought he’d find love again, but the sassy new bartender in town is starting to break down his walls.

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Childhood best friends reunite when Lia moves back to town. Needing a place to live, Axel offers her his spare bedroom. Chemistry sparks, and soon they won’t be able to lie to themselves. Will they confess their true feelings?

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Needing an excuse to turn down a persistent bachelor in town, Poppy seeks help from a new stranger. But what starts off as fake begins to feel more real than anything in her life.

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


A bed and breakfast owner needs help from the town’s contractor to renovate the house she purchased for her new business endeavor. The only problem? They can’t stand each other. Can hate turn to love?

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


When a shy photographer needs help finding love, her best friend’s brother offers to guide her in the dating scene. Soon, he realizes he wants a chance to win her heart before anyone else does.

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


When a broody single dad meets the new country singer in town, he begins to question if a second chance at love is worth risking his heart.

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

A sexy and funny friends-to-lovers romance book

Reese vowed to never fall for another musician. Dex wants all of her. Will he be able to prove to her not all musicians are the same, or will he remain friend-zoned?

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

MoU ebook

 Hunter’s biggest regret is losing Mackenzie. He’s spent years trying to contact her while writing songs about her. When they finally reunite, will she be able to forgive him, or has their love come to an end?

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


This small town baker is looking for love in all the wrong places when she unexpectedly meets the university’s new baseball coach. His dream has always been to work for the big leagues, but will he give that up for love?

Read it here:

Free with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Then I Met You is NOW LIVE!

 I can’t believe it’s already Then I Met You’s release! At times it felt like the day to share this story with you would never get here, and then suddenly it sped up! 

I am so excited for you to read this contemporary romance! What you’ll find:

Small Town
Country Music Sweetheart
Single Dad
Sexy Cowboy
Slow burn Romance

Then I Met You is full of emotions, swoon, and heart. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this slow burn ride and come out of it with a big smile. Enjoy your trip! 

Fall in love with the sexy single dad in this small town romance today!

Read it here:

FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


I didn’t choose the role of single dad…it chose me. I’ve been picking up the broken pieces my wife left when she walked out on my daughter and me. The last thing I’m looking for is a relationship.

Then a spunky blonde with a career filled with instability starts making rounds, making me question if I can trust another woman. My daughter isn’t the only one curious about the country star. I’m not a blind man despite how scarred my heart is. She’s gorgeous, kind, and loves my child. What more can a man ask for? 

As I get to know her, she adds sunshine into my grey life, and being with her reminds me of the man I once was. Our lives are destined to take different paths, though, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my daughter from the spotlight, even if it means giving up my second chance.

Start reading today:

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Aced Anthology: Because of You Prologue

I am so excited about being a part of ACED: A Charity Anthology! It’s for such a great cause, and for someone who didn’t enjoy reading while growing up (gasp! I know), it’s even more special. It’s a back to school theme, perfect for this time and to alleviate a bit of the stress currently going on with our real back to school. 

I was never good at reading, and I was very self-conscious about it. Even when I was older and we’d have to read out loud in class, I’d count to see which paragraph or page would be mine so I could read it to myself as many times as possible so I would choke and be embarrassed. And if there was a word I had no idea how to pronounce? Geez, I’d freak while waiting for my turn. 

Being able to come together with some author pals and create a collection that will support literacy in children and adults is an honor. I hope you’d help us support such a great cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. 

I wrote a novella for this anthology, brand spankin’ new couple, and I’m so excited for you to read it! It’s a small town single dad romance.

I’m sharing the prologue below so you can meet Ada and Sawyer, or… Oops, I can’t say until you read the prologue! It will all make sense then. 



I sit back with my buddy and drink my beer, watching the woman who’s been moving to the electric beats coming from the speakers since I arrived. She laughs and dances as if no one were watching her. Shaking her hips, luring me in. My eyes follow her as she shimmies to a group of women I assume are her friends and drags two of them by the arms.

Her long hair sways to the beat, and her smile is infectious.

“You’ve been staring at that woman for twenty minutes. Go dance with her.” My friend, Emmet, says with a cocky smile.

“Nah,” I shake my head. I drink my beer and keep watching her with curiosity. “I’ll be moving soon anyway,” I add as an afterthought.

“So?” Emmet’s eyebrows dip as he stares at me as if I’m crazy. “It’s just a dance. Besides, it’s not like Springville is that far from here.”

It’s not about the distance from Nashville, my current home, to Springville, where I’ll be moving to at the end of the summer, but more so the fact that I have a seven-year-old son, River, who counts on me to be the stable one in our home. A relationship, hell, a date, at this point, would just add to the current of change flooding our lives.

“Too much going on to think about a woman,” I finally reply.

“One dance.” Emmet holds up a finger. “As a farewell. We both know you won’t be out again before you leave.”

He’s right. This is a rare night out for me. Usually, I’m with River, spending Friday nights together, watching sports recaps and eating pizza. Doing guy stuff, as he calls it.

I smile as I think about my son, and then abruptly stop when the woman I’ve been eyeing looks my way. Her eyes lock on mine. I can’t tell the shade from here, but I suddenly have the urge to know what color they are.

Wordlessly, I drop my beer on the bar and walk over to her, hands in my pockets. She watches me approach, appraising me from head to toe before a slow smile curves her lips, and she moves her hips in front of me.

I smirk, staring into her eyes, discovering they’re a hypnotizing blue, and begin dancing with her. My hands on her hips. Her hands on my shoulders. We move together as if it weren’t our first meeting.

“What’s your name?” I lean in and whisper, smiling when she shivers.

I look back at those baby blues with a grin.

The woman chuckles shyly, a contrast to the seductive smile she was giving me a moment ago. “Amanda Bynes,” she throws out.

I laugh and shake my head. “Hell, then I’m Justin Bieber.”

“Must be hard going around town without getting some hate thrown your way.”

“Could say the same for you.”

“Eh,” she shrugs. Spinning around and coming back to me, she continues talking. “It’d be an odd pairing.”

I nod, wrapping my arm around her lower back to bring her closer, and we move together to the beat spilling from the speakers. When the song changes to something smoother, I keep her close and guide the dance to something more sensual.

Amanda Bynes’s lips part as her eyes stare into mine. I lean in, feeling her faint breath on her chin before tipping my head down and kissing her, stealing her breath, taking what I can from this stranger who lured me in.

Her hands scrape my scalp, and I cradle her jaw, sweeping my tongue against hers. Her kiss is sweet and tempting, a deadly combination as I scramble how to get some time alone with her while warring with myself that I have a son to get home to soon.

My mystery woman leans back, cutting the kiss shorter than I’d like and leaving me hard. Her body pressed against mine gives me a preview of how good we’d fit together if I could take her home. One night to satisfy this need burning through me.

Suddenly, everything turns chaotic when her friends approach, laughing and eyeing me as they drag her away. It happens so fast, I don’t realize I’m standing alone on the dance floor until Emmet comes up to me, clapping my shoulder.

I’m pretty sure her real name is not Amanda Bynes. That would be a horrific coincidence. I could just imagine people’s faces when she introduces herself.

“Ready to head home?”

“Fuck, yeah.” I run a hand through my hair. It’s probably best this way.

©2020, Fabiola Francisco 

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