You Make It Easy: Love in Everton, 5

A best friend’s brother romance coming July 15, 2020

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When I agree to rent my barn-house to my sister’s best friend, I have no idea I am also agreeing to be her online dating coach. Falling for Abbie isn’t part of the plan, still I find myself creating a fake online dating profile so she can get to know me…the real me. Without the playboy reputation ruining my chances. 

If only I can convince her that I’m not a heartbreaker. I’m tired of being condemned by my past before I have a chance to prove myself. Prove she’s exactly what I need in my life. Being with her makes the world feel right. 

But when my past interferes with our relationship, will I be able to show her she’s the only one for me?

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Sneak Peek:

“It drives me crazy that you always wear shorts. I’m going to hate winter when it rolls around, and you have to cover up your perfect legs. Gonna have to find a way to keep you indoors and warm enough that you’ll want to be in nothing but underwear.” Finn runs his fingers back and forth on my thigh as he drives.  

I always thought my jean shorts and tee shirts were normal and kinda lame, but he makes them feel sexy. He makes everything sexier, more playful, and hotter. 

I reach for his hand and turn it over, following the lines on his palm with my finger. Finn’s hand twitches. 

“That tickles,” he chuckles. I ignore him and continue running paths along his strong hand. Lifting it, I drop a kiss on his palm. The smack of my lips against his skin is the only sound in the cab. 

“If you keep that up, we’ll barely make it to the house.” 

I look at him out of the corner of my eye and smirk. “Maybe that’s my plan.” 

“And you say I’m trouble,” he snickers, keeping his eyes on the road.  

“I’m learning from the best,” I toss out in jest. 

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