Pretend You’re Mine: Love in Everton, 3

A fake relationship romance coming from Fabiola Francisco

A fake relationship
Small-town drama
All bets are off

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Sneak Peek:

“Oh my goodness,” my head drops down as my chin hits my chest and I blow out a deep breath from my mouth. I look up and find Harris’s amused eyes waiting for me. “Thank you so much. I’m not the best when thinking on my feet and I needed a really good excuse to get him to take the hint that I wasn’t interested and you were just standing there, a few feet away staring at jerky, and I moved without thinking about a terrible outcome.” I swallow a deep gasp of air as I finish, rubbing my thighs with my sweaty palms. 

“It’s okay.” He lifts his eyebrows but the hint of a smile ghosts on his lips 

“So,” I pause and look into his pretty eyes. “Hey, I’m Poppy. Want to be my fake boyfriend for a night?” I bite down on my bottom lip, fighting the urge to let my blush make an appearance. Gosh, I can’t get myself into normal messes, like normal people. Instead, I somehow wrangle myself into this weird situation. 

Harris scratches his scruffy jaw and says, “I’ve been asked a lot of things in my life, but this is a first. That guy looks like a douche, so I can help you out.”  

I deflate, letting the tension go like a limp balloon, and my shoulders sag. “You’re the world’s best lifesaver. Where were you when the Titanic hit that iceberg?” I cringe at my terrible joke, but Harris chuckles. 

“Guess I was a few decades too late.” 

©Fabiola Francisco, unedited & subject to change

Poppy Powell has a charm I want to get lost in and never be found.