Write You A Love Song: Love in Everton, 1

A new, small-town series from Fabiola Francisco coming September 2019.

A fake marriage up in smoke
Small-town rumors
Unexpected love

Official blurb to be released.

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Sneak Peek:

“Hey!” I screech when he throws a snowball at me. 

“I needed to get you to stop laughing and help me,” he replies with an excuse.

“You’re in no position to start a snowball fight,” I threaten. 

“Ainsley,” he warns as I pack snow in my hands. His eyes widen right before the snowball hits his chin. He growls and gets himself up from the ground. I run away from him, remembering the last time we had a snowball fight. When he catches me, he smashes snow in my face as he holds me around the waist. 

I yell and try to get away, but his hold is strong. I stop fighting against him and look up into his face as I push snow from my hair. His hand reaches up to swipe some from my shoulder. 

“Sorry I broke your sled.”

“It’s okay,” I smile. “It cost like ten bucks, and it was a gamble,” I shrug. “At least we had fun.” 

“That we did.” He leans in and kisses the top of my head. “Thank you,” he murmurs against my hair. 

“For what?” I lean back to look at him. 

“For asking me to join you. I know things are a little off after our conversation the other night, but I’m ready to have you in my life.”

Before I could argue, he runs his thumb over my lips, and I wait for the kiss. He winks and takes a step back, leaving me wanting to feel his lips against mine. I groan and cross my arms. What a tease.

©Fabiola Francisco, unedited & subject to change


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