What to Read If You Love Friend to Lovers Romance

Friends to lovers romance is one of my absolute favorite tropes! I won’t hesitate to read a book if it’s friends to lovers. There’s something about the building tension, watching the characters move their relationship from friends to lovers as they figure out what they’re feeling and questioning if it’s worth the risk of their friendship. HINT: It always is.

I am all for strong foundations in relationships, and I feel like having a friendship established helps create that foundation in a new relationship.

It’s not only my favorite trope to read but also to write. If you like to read friends-to-lovers romance books like me, then you’ll love the following books on this list. I hope you enjoy them! I’d love to hear your thoughts after you read them!

Bonus, they’re available in Kindle Unlimited for those of you who read through the subscription.

MoU ebook


Memories of us is a sweet love story. This second chance romance will be the perfect book to get lost in.

Hunter and Mackenzie were best friends growing up, and then high school sweethearts until one night took them down separate paths.

Five years later, they’re reunited. But will the past have ruined their chances at reconciliation?

PS: Hunter is a sexy, country music songwriter who is loyal, through and through.

Read it here: https://amzn.to/2JT9nPm


A sexy and funny friends-to-lovers romance book


Promise You is a fun and flirty romance book that is equal parts funny and swoon worthy.

Dex is a rising country star, and Reese is the woman he’s determined to make his. The only problem: She’s put him in the friend zoned.

Reese promised herself never to fall for another musician. It only leads to heartache. Will Dex be able to prove to her that she’s his #1 priority?

This feel-good friends to lovers romance will keep you smiling and surprise you with a twist that challenges their relationship.

Read it here: https://amzn.to/3c3Sspl

LYTI ebook


Love You Through It is an emotional romance between friends and second chances at life and love.

Bri lost her husband while he was in the military and is struggling to overcome his death. Cole has always been drawn to her, but she was always off-limits.

Now, he’s determined to be the friend she needs so she can heal. But will he be able to hide his feelings from her for long?

This love story will wrap you up and transport you to a different world—loss, healing, and love.

Read it here: https://amzn.to/2KIS1HW




Twisted in You is my favorite. This is an inspiring and raw story, not for the faint of heart.

Mikayla has had a traumatic upbringing that leads her to a recovery center where she can begin to heal. Tyler is a famous country rock star whose drinking leads him back at the recover center.

An unlikely friendship is exactly what they each need to heal the past.

Tyler is protective of Mikayla, and although he’s starting to have feelings, he’s sure she’s nowhere near ready for a relationship. But when the past threatens more than their relationship, will they survive it?

Read it here: https://amzn.to/31C1EgJ

RYH ebook

Roping Your Heart is a flirty and lighthearted friends to lovers romance book that you won’t want to put down.

Lia is back in her hometown and needs a place to live. Axel would do anything for his best friend.

When he opens up his home and offers her the spare bedroom, their sizzling chemistry is impossible to ignore.

But when a challenge makes Axel reconsider his morals, will he lose the woman of his dreams?

If you like cowboy heroes, small town settings, and feel-good romance, then you’ll love this story!

Read it here: https://amzn.to/30gghbW


Note: Although some books are part of a series, they can all be read as standalone books. All of these books are free in Kindle Unlimited and available to purchase on Amazon. Paperbacks are available on all major retailers.

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Escape into a good book

Times are hard. The world feels like we’re living out a Sci-Fi movie (I can’t be the only one that thinks this, right?), and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fear of all this. While I haven’t had much luck focusing on work, I’ve been reading. It’s helped me escape into another world where my imagination can run wild. I hope to do the same to readers who read my books—provide a safe place you want to escape to for a little while, complete with laughs, heartfelt moments, and happily ever afters.

It’s true, we can’t run from reality, but we can enjoy the perks of our imagination for some time, and reading is the best way for me to do that, personally.


Most of my books are available exclusively on Amazon and with Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription. If you have Kindle Unlimited, then you can download mine along with other books and escape into great reads.

If you are in the US or UK and would like to try KU, they are currently offering 2 months for free through April 30th and read for free during that time. If you’d like to continue with them after,  you can sign up and pay $9.99/month.

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UK readers click here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle-dbs/hz/subscribe/ku?ref_=sv_kinc_3&_encoding=UTF8&shoppingPortalEnabled=true&fbclid=IwAR3poXlkhUZ6q-zbk8pl3yYRMpT4RldRza_TYzkNO_fHZhsqeNV0cKnp4Lc

And if you’d like to check out my books, you can do so here: http://amzn.to/2I0QU0t. You’ll find feel-good, small town, slow burn romance. If you like other genres, check out the vast choices available to you. Reading will help clear your mind and smile for a while during this chaotic time. Stay safe!

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Make You Mine is LIVE!

I am so excited to share my new release with you! Make You Mine, a hate-to-lovers, small town romance is now available and free with Kindle Unlimited! This slow burn romance will have you smiling and falling in love while reading it.

Read it now—> https://amzn.to/2Gd1Rx8

Amazon kindle unlimited new releases


🔨Sexy contractor

🔨A fixer upper

🔨Off-the-charts chemistry

🔨Small town romance

Read it now—> https://amzn.to/2Gd1Rx8

Sneak Peek:

Eli’s eyebrows rise on his head. “How much do you know about working a barn?” 

“You remember my brother is Finn, right? Gimme that.” I step forward, grabbing the pitchfork, and fill the stall with hay. 

“Goodness, that’s hot,” Eli murmurs behind me. 

I turn to look at him over my shoulder with a wink. “You just gonna stand there and stare?” 

“I’d much rather do something else, but I won’t make my horse starve.” 

I laugh and shake my head. “You’re bad news, Hastings,” I tease.

“Oh, but it feels so good.” He presses his body to my back as a hand sneaks to my stomach, holding me in place. Eli drops a kiss on my neck, and my entire body heats in reaction. 

kindle unlimited new releases


I’ve had a fifteen-year-plan since high school—get a degree in hospitality, learn the ropes working for a big hotel, before opening my own bed and breakfast. 

Eli Hastings isn’t part of that plan. The sexy-as-sin contractor I hired to renovate my bed and breakfast is the kind of man I’ve learned to stay away from. 

I can’t stand him most of the time, especially when he’s interfering in my dreams like a know-it-all. That doesn’t mean I don’t imagine what it would feel like to have him pressed against me, but those fantasies are my best kept secret. 

I try to hate him, but one kiss is enough to give in to my desires. Eli challenges me to live outside of my box, until one major deviation in my plan is too big to ignore. I refuse for anything to stand in the way of my dream, even if it causes me to break my own heart.

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