Twisted in You is LIVE!

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I kicked off the month of April by hitting publish! I am so excited to share Twisted in You with all of you! This book feels like my baby even though it’s my eighth release (crazy! I know). It has taken over two years to get it out into the world, and it has been so worth the wait. I have put tears, sweat, and smiles into this story.

It is a deep, dark to light, new adult novel. In my humble opinion, it is a beautiful story about about two broken and lost people finding their way back to themselves and to love (in all sense of the word). I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this book!

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I want everyone to have the chance to read this novel, and it is 99 cents for a limited time!


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Twisted in You Cover Reveal


I am beyond excited to share this cover with you! Twisted in You is a book I had been working on for a couple of years, and seeing it published (soon!) is almost surreal. This book is emotionally dark and it does touch on subjects that are challenging, but I promise you the journey is beautiful. A story about healing oneself, understanding what self-love is, and opening our hearts and trust to another human being that will hold our hand and support us. It’s about light and dark mixing because we need both in order to live and grow. But mostly, it’s about being the heroine in your own life.

Hope you LOVE the cover as much as I do! Read below for a never-before-seen excerpt.

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Excerpt from Twisted in You:

Not tired, I sit on my bed and continue working on the song. Before I know it, my notebook has more words scratched out than written. Too many thoughts when I was at the gym today. Too many memories.

Restless, I take a walk down the hall hoping to tire myself out or stop thinking.

“No!” I look up, confused. What the fuck? “Stop!” Another yell. What is going on? “Ahhh!” Does no one else hear that? Is this in my mind? It can’t be. I follow the noise and it intensifies. Is no one around to figure out who is yelling and why? Can’t they sedate these psychos?

Opening a door, I’m frozen in place. Thrashing and fighting back, but with who? Who is she trying to push away from?

“Please . . .” she pleads between sobs. I look around the hallway and no one is around to help her. This feels too familiar.

I carefully walk into the room, leaving the door open in case someone walks by and can help. “Red,” I whisper into the room. Nothing.

“Mikayla. Wake up.” I inch closer. My shaky hand reaches to slowly shove her shoulder.

Her eyes snap open, angry and scared.

“Get out!” Mikayla screams, yanking the sheets up to her neck, her eyes wild.

“I’m checking if you’re okay—”

“I said get out!” She cuts me off.

“Relax, I heard you crying and screaming. I’m not gonna hurt you.” I notice the flicker of fear in her eyes, but she quickly composes herself. I take a step towards her, and she jolts back in her bed.

“I said leave,” she hisses.

Sam comes into the room at that moment and looks around confused. “Tyler, what’s going on?”

“Sam, I heard her screaming and came in to make sure she was okay. Sounded pretty bad.”

“Thanks Tyler, but you should leave.”

“Whatever,” I shrug. “Didn’t mean to cause trouble.”

“Yeah, right.” I hear Mikayla scoff, but I leave before I give her a piece of my mind. I don’t need to be accused of anything. I walk out and head towards my room. By the look in Red’s eyes and the fear bouncing off her, I think there’s more to her than plain, crazy bitch.

Copyright 2017, Fabiola Francisco

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“An adult read woven with meaning and purpose.” Rachel Blaufeld, author, and blogger for Happily Ever After USA Today
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Note: While it is not necessary to read Red Lights, Black Hearts prior to Twisted in You, there are some minor spoilers mentioned in Twisted in You.

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Time to Get Real

Lovin’ on You was sent to reviewers a couple of weeks ago, and the feedback has been wonderful. I am so grateful for their kind words and honesty. Something I have enjoyed hearing is how much they enjoy the lyrics throughout the book (wishing these were real songs they could play). I was asked today if I had written all of them, this person knowing I write poetry as well. I did write them all. It was important to me to show how Cash expresses himself without inhibition. Music is that for him.

Every artist has a way to best express him/herself.

Now, I have no musical background, so I can’t say that these lyrics would really make for songs with rhythm, but this is about words. Their vibrations and their meaning. My best way to express myself, whether it be a blog post, a novel, or a poem. Hell, sometimes it’s a simple phrase with a complex meaning.

When I started writing (back when I was a teen), I thought the idea of writing was silly. Who would want to do that? I was that hard thirteen-year-old who as dealing with her own bullshit and didn’t have time to write a poem. But, I was assigned a project at school. We had to write a compilation of poems. *insert huge eye-roll* I thought it was the worst project idea ever. What would I learn by writing a poem?

You caught the part in that paragraph above that said I was dealing with my own stuff, right? Good, because what I learned by writing a poem was everything I was holding inside. What I learned writing multiple poems? A whole universe of pain I was barely keeping hidden. This was a time in my life where I was an emotional mess. The only way to pretend that mess didn’t live in me was acting as a stubborn rebel. Yet, this project exposed to me an entire world of healing. The written word became my savior when I don’t think a therapist at that time would be able to show me light.


The poems I wrote were ugly, deep, pain-filled. These are not the poems I submitted for my project. These were my dirty, little secrets. These were the ones that would show the world who I really was when I was trying hard to keep that person hidden. So they were mine. For years, I wrote. I have a binder full.

A dam was open through my fingers, and I bled every emotion, every thought. I bled typical thoughts a teen may face when change was coming to her life, and I bled thoughts unfamiliar to the world I was being raised in. One where appearances mattered and people didn’t want to know about pain. Lord forbid you had any thoughts deeper than what dress you were wearing to the dance next month, or who was crushing on who. For a long time I felt like an outcast because everyone else around me didn’t understand why I felt the way I did, so I wrote. I wrote, and I vowed to always help people who felt the same way I did. (I’m not sure I’m winning too much with that vow, but I’m working toward it.)

We never know what people are facing. We don’t know if they have inner struggles they are trying to overcome. A smile can be very deceiving, but an honest one can also be a lifesaver.

I did have wonderful friends at the time, and I cannot discredit that, but at an age where we barely understand the world we’re living in, no one wants to deal with depressing thoughts.

I have debated writing a post along these lines for some time now, and I always chicken out. It’s scary to let people know you have struggled in the past, let them know you have demons you have tried to fight off. The reason I am writing it today is because I feel at a place where I can share this about myself with you. Because maybe you won’t feel so alone if you have felt this way in the past, or feel that way right now. So that you understand that writing for me is therapy. Even today when my smile is genuine. And maybe part of the reason to share this is to remind myself where I came from. It’s grounding to remember the purpose behind my writing when I can so easily lose track of the reason I share my words, and become a follower instead of a leader.

When I wrote Red Lights, Black Hearts, I found the voice of that thirteen-year-old girl who felt so lost. I thought many people wouldn’t enjoy it because it’s not romance. It isn’t pretty. I also debated having that be the last book I publish. I spent a good chunk of time telling myself I was done publishing after this one. This was my exit book. So why didn’t I? Because the same way writing is healing to me, reading is healing to others. If I could help one person feel through my words, I consider myself successful. It’s not about the money, guys. Life is so much more than money and fame. I promise.

I wrote that book for me (I had things I still needed to deal with that I haven’t dared to), the same I have done with all others, even the ones with more humor—man, sometimes I just need to laugh and relax. I write according to my mood, and I can’t apologize for that. I find healing while writing a story because it gives me the possible solution I can’t see on my own.

So many times, okay almost always, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m winging it (and not the eyeliner, can’t wing that for shit). The only thing I know for certain is that I’m here today because I found strength in writing. And that’s scary to admit to an audience of people. However, I want to be more honest with my readers. I want to be more honest with myself. It’s a heavy load to carry when you aren’t. This is about sharing a tidbit about myself and hoping that you find your strength when life gets hard. It’s also about my own healing. Being who I am, unapologetically, and showing that to the world. I’m a loner, so I can easily spend hours alone and stay in my head. That’s not always safe. So this post is also for me to grow and better myself.

My journey with writing may have started a little later in my life, after judging the skill for so long, but it began when I needed it most. I will always be thankful for that project for bringing out of me something I so desperately needed and knew nothing about. I wanted to share part of who I am with you. Thank you for allowing me that.

I’ll end with this thought: Fight hard for who you are because you are worth this life, and when you find your light, you can shine it wherever you go.

A Glimpse into the Future~ Restoring Us

I am surprised how quickly time has gone by. It will be two years that I published Restoring Us, my second novel, on January 11th. This was the first idea I had for a book back in 2009, and I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to write it and publish it a few years later.

Thank you to all who have supported me along the way. I am so happy to have met so many amazing people, and I am looking forward to meeting more and more of you.

Enjoy this bonus scene! XO

**This scene includes some spoilers for those who have not read Restoring Us.**

A Glimpse into the Future


“I resent that!” Dan yells. “I’m a fucking good father.”

“Facking,” Brooke, Dan and Jess’ youngest daughter, says. Yes, youngest. That means Dan’s a father to more than one child.

“Case in point,” Ethan points to her, and we all laugh.

“You’re just jealous.” Dan shrugs.

“My daughter doesn’t curse.” Ethan raises his eyebrows.

“You know, before fatherhood, you used to be cool. Now, you’re all serious and shit.”

“PMS?” Ethan mocks.

“Fuck off.” Dan stands and walks to the cooler housing the beers and bottles of wine.

I look around our patio and smile as I see our friends still united after so many years. We have been through ups and downs together, and these last two years have been interesting to say the least.

Actually, the last seven have been.

I watch Jess tell Stella, her oldest, to be careful with Arabella. I smile as Stella holds Arabella’s hand, and they walk towards the swing set.

Turns out that Jess was pregnant during our wedding, and both her and Dan kept it a secret until Dan got too drunk one day and spilled. Jess would have killed him, but we were ecstatic for them. Therefore, Dan has been a father for seven years. They were the first in our circle to have children. Now, they have two girls. I’m pretty sure it’s karma’s way of getting even with him.

I catch Ethan’s eye as I stare off at our daughter’s backside, and he winks. I give him a crooked smile and sip my wine.

It has been two years since Arabella entered our lives. Two years since we became parents and figured out how to balance life and a child. We’re still trying to figure it out. But no matter how insane the process of adoption could be, it was worth it to have my baby girl in my arms.

As difficult as our road to get here was, I don’t resent it. It’s perfect in how it was supposed to be. It took me some time to understand that, but I finally did. Ethan and I have grown together, and our love has matured.

“Ava.” I look up and smile at Stacy. “Where did you buy Arabella’s bow?”

“A small boutique not far from the gallery. It’s adorable, right?”

“Yes! I want one!”

“Umm… Relax. We don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl,” Aiden tells Stacy. I chuckle as Stacy rubs her small bump. Aiden and Stacy got married two years after Ethan and I in a gorgeous, chic wedding in the gardens at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

“I think it’s a girl.” She raises an eyebrow, and I have never seen my brother back down from a comment so easily.

“They’re moody when they’re pregnant, right?” Ethan tells him.

“Fuck. Oh shit! Damnit.” Aiden rolls his eyes. “How the hell am I supposed to not curse around children? Or have sex,” he adds the last part quietly. Stacy smacks him in the stomach.

“Hit me all you want, I’m not sorry.” Aiden leans forward, his elbows on his thighs. “Tell me a newborn doesn’t fuck with your sex schedule.”

“Schedule?” Ethan asks with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, like when you can have sex.”

“Aiden, sex isn’t some therapist’s office you schedule into your week,” says Ethan.

“But the crying and feeding and wake-up calls in the middle of the night.” I try not to laugh at my brother’s panic.

“Sex while they sleep. You’ll be exhausted but satisfied.”

“Ah, I knew I could count on you, Katie,” Aiden states.

Katie laughs as she rocks Caleb in her arms.

“She knows what she’s talking about,” Tristan says next to her, smiling smugly.

“This kid wasn’t going to mess up with my sex life.”

“Ah, so glad you love that child,” I joke.

“I do. Seriously. This kid is my world, but a girl has needs.” We all laugh as she shrugs.

“Yes, she does,” Tristan says next to her, kissing her temple.

I was so excited when those two finally admitted they wanted more out of their relationship. Katie had Caleb a few months ago (unplanned). And no one hates a surprise pregnancy more than she does.

After a few years of dating, Katie got pregnant with Caleb. I’m pretty sure he will be her only child. Mostly because she said she’d get her tubes tied after that delivery. Twenty hours of labor will do that to a girl. He really is the most adorable baby, and the only boy in our circle of friends. At least until we know what Stacy is having.

“Just keep that boy away from my babies,” Dan tells Katie. She laughs loudly.

“Aw, are you scared he’ll try to make a move on them? Karma.” She raises an eyebrow.

“My girls. Not for your kid to take advantage of.”

“Dan, he’s like five months old,” Katie widens her eyes.

“Yeah, but he’ll grow up.”

I try not to laugh at Dan’s overprotection. Ever since he had a girl, he has been a mess. From not knowing how to comb their hair to mismatching tops with bottoms. It has been so much fun to watch.

“You need to stop freaking out,” Ethan tells him.

“Look at them.” Dan points to his girls. “They’re so small and innocent.”

“They all are,” I nod, smiling. “They have each other though. They’ll be okay.”

You don’t realize how precious—and fragile— a child is until it is your own. You want to protect them from the bad in the world, but you know you can’t, so you give them tools that will help them. When I see our children, I see a mirror of all of us. Innocent and naïve, yet I know life can throw curveballs. If we teach them anything, it will be how to swing without striking out.

I sigh in contentment as I lean back in my chair. I love when we all get together like this and hang out. Our friendships  strengthen through the years.

After a few more hours, everyone leaves our home with grumpy kids and slightly buzzed husbands. Ethan walks down into the kitchen after putting Arabella down for bed as I finish cleaning up the patio and bringing the glassware inside.

“Do you need help?” He hugs me from behind and kisses the back of my neck.

I close my eyes, and my skin prickles with goosebumps.

“I’ll finish up tomorrow.” I dry my hands with the dishtowel.

“Did you have fun tonight?”

I turn in Ethan’s arms and smile up at him. “Yes. I love that we continue to get together and that our kids are growing up with our example of friendship.”

“Me too.” Ethan lowers his head and kisses below my ear. Then, his lips touch mine. “I’m glad they’re gone though.”

I lean back and smile up at him. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yup. I’ve been wanting to do this all night.” He pulls me tighter, his arm around my waist as the other hand cups my face, and he kisses me deeply.

I welcome the kiss, sighing into it.

“So no seven year itch?” I ask, teasing him, when we pull away from each other.

“Never. Infinity, remember?” He gently runs a finger over my infinity necklace.

My arms tighten around his neck, and I tug at the loose ends of his hair. “I remember. So… You’re going to show me how much you still love me?”

Wordlessly, he picks me up over his shoulder and rushes up the stairs. I laugh loudly.

“All night long, baby,” he says. “I’ll never get enough.” He stares into my eyes after lowering me back down his body.

“I love you,” I whisper, cupping his face.

“Love you, too.”

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Happy New Year!

As we enter a new year, I want to take a moment to thank you all for your friendship and support. I wish you so many wonderful things for 2017, and I hope you take the lessons from the past with you to grow and learn. Each year we end a chapter and prepare for a new one. May this new chapter be filled with love and abundance, gratitude and many more wonderful experiences to add to your memories!

Enjoy your New Year, be safe, and love hard. Romance isn’t just in books, and I hope your life is full of amazing, romantic moments! ❤

I know that 2017 will bring us a lot of wonderful gifts! Here’s to many more days with you all in my life! XOXO


Happy Holidays & Very Merry New Year

Another year comes to a close as we celebrate the holiday season and spend time with our loved ones. It’s also another year that I get to do what I love and surround myself with amazing people, like you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for staying by my side throughout my journey, whether we have known each other for years or a day. I appreciate you and all that you have come to mean to me.

During this time, and every day from here on out, I hope you find yourself surrounded by joy, love, and courage. I wish you all the very best, warm wishes, and big hugs.

Let’s toast to an amazing 2017. For me, it is going to be double exciting because I will be releasing two books early on in the year. One of them, Twisted in You, I have been working on for years. Many great things are coming! And I am looking forward to sharing them with you!

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Lovin’ on You~ Country Music Romance


I have been busy this fall working on two books for 2017. The first story is Lovin’ on You, a country music romance with a humble and sweet hero and a heroine looking for more out of life.

This is a story that came to mind years ago and up until now had not been able to work on, so I am so excited to share it with you all. It is a sweet, southern story that includes song lyrics, challenges, and the kind of love found in country songs.



He’s a cocky musician.
She showed up at a bar in her pajamas.
Is he stalking me?
I call it fate.
He’s cheesy. 
I prefer the term romantic.
Maybe I was wrong about him.
I’m determined to make her mine.
I fell in love with him.
She’s my muse.
Life has other plans for us. 
I’ll fight for her.
I’ll protect his image.
I miss her.
I watch his success from afar.
She’s mine.
I need to fix this.
I’ll give her the kind of love found in country songs.

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