Not So Charming is Live!

Are you ready to fall in love with a new book boyfriend?

Not So Charming is now available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! This hate-to-lovers small town romance will sweep you off your feet. She’s a reserved bookworm. He’s a charmer and everything she hates. When she sees a different side to him, will these two opposites find true love? 

Read it here on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited:

What you’ll find:

hate to lovers

opposites attract

small town

steam & swoon

twists & turns

adorable nieces




I vowed never to return to my hometown and the people who live there. Now, unemployed and needing a place to live, I move back with my mom, promising myself that it’s only temporary.

When small-town charmer, Miles, thinks his charisma will work on me, he’s got another thing coming. I want nothing to do with him and what he represents in this town. He’s everything I ran from when I left and never looked back. 

Miles is persistent in his pursuit, no matter how many times I turn him down. What could a guy like him want with a girl like me? We come from two different worlds—one where mine serves his.

But I need a job, and his family’s winery is the only place hiring. Working alongside him, I see a different side of him that I thought was nonexistent. 

Hatred turns to curiosity, and soon I’m wondering if there’s more to the man I thought I knew growing up. 

Not So Charming is a feel-good romance. If you like hate-to-lovers, witty banter, and swoon, then you’ll love this small town romance. 


Read it here on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited:



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