Music Romance Books in Kindle Unlimited

It’s World Music Day!! What better way to celebrate than showing off my musician heroes?! I absolutely adore a musician hero that uses art and creativity in search of his muse, or writing about the woman he desires. I’d love for a man to write a song for me. Major swoon!

If you like sexy heroes that will do anything for the women they love, then you’ll love these books! You’ll find some light-hearted and sexy and others angsty and emotional. You can read them all on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

WYaLS ebook

Write You a Love Song is a feel-good romantic comedy.

Knox may be looking to hide out in his hometown, but that’s not easy to do when you’re the resident celebrity and a famous country star hiding from a scandal. When he unexpectedly meets Ainsley, he starts to second-guess everything that he’s running from. 

I guarantee your trip to Everton will be full of feel-good romance, lots of swoon, and small-town charm.

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A sexy and funny friends-to-lovers romance book

Promise You is a fun and flirty romance book that is equal parts funny and swoon worthy.

Dex is a rising country star, and Reese is the woman he’s determined to make his. The only problem: She’s put him in the friend zoned.

Reese promised herself never to fall for another musician. It only leads to heartache. Will Dex be able to prove to her that she’s his #1 priority?

This feel-good friends to lovers romance will keep you smiling and surprise you with a twist that challenges their relationship.

Read it now! 


MoU ebook

Memories of us is a sweet love story. This second chance romance will be the perfect book to get lost in.

Hunter and Mackenzie were best friends growing up, and then high school sweethearts until one night took them down separate paths—Hunter to write country songs about his memories of Mackenzie, and Mackenzie to escape the pain she felt after their break-up.

Five years later, they’re reunited. But will the past have ruined their chances at reconciliation?

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LoY ebook

Lovin’ on You is a sexy romantic comedy that will make you swoon and wish for your own lead singer.

Cash is Rebel Desire’s lead singer, one of country music’s rising bands. He meets Olivia in a bar when she walks in wearing her pajamas. Immediately, he knows she’s his muse, but Olivia is guarded.

Focusing on work, Olivia attempts to keep her distance from Cash, but she eventually gives in. But her past comes crashing into her life, causing heartbreak.

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LYTI ebook Love You Through It is an emotional romance between friends and second chances at life and love.

Bri lost her husband while he was in the military and is struggling to overcome his death. Cole, Rebel Desire’s drummer, has always been drawn to her, but she was always off-limits.

Now, he’s determined to be the friend she needs so she can heal. But will he be able to hide his feelings from her for long?

This love story will wrap you up and transport you to a different world—loss, healing, and love.

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all of you ebookAll of You is a single mom romance with an adorable little girl that will make you fall in love with this southern fairy tale.

When Jason, Rebel Desire’s bass player, meets single mom Cassidy Rae, hope sparks that he can  have what his friends do, but she doesn’t have time for a relationship. Her focus is her daughter, her sick mom, and helping her dad.

Jason is determined to show Cassidy Rae she can everything she wants in life–love, a family, and happiness. But when the past returns, he’s not sure he can give her the family she deserves.

Read it now!


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