Make You Mine is LIVE!

I am so excited to share my new release with you! Make You Mine, a hate-to-lovers, small town romance is now available and free with Kindle Unlimited! This slow burn romance will have you smiling and falling in love while reading it.

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🔨Sexy contractor

🔨A fixer upper

🔨Off-the-charts chemistry

🔨Small town romance

Read it now—>

Sneak Peek:

Eli’s eyebrows rise on his head. “How much do you know about working a barn?” 

“You remember my brother is Finn, right? Gimme that.” I step forward, grabbing the pitchfork, and fill the stall with hay. 

“Goodness, that’s hot,” Eli murmurs behind me. 

I turn to look at him over my shoulder with a wink. “You just gonna stand there and stare?” 

“I’d much rather do something else, but I won’t make my horse starve.” 

I laugh and shake my head. “You’re bad news, Hastings,” I tease.

“Oh, but it feels so good.” He presses his body to my back as a hand sneaks to my stomach, holding me in place. Eli drops a kiss on my neck, and my entire body heats in reaction. 

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I’ve had a fifteen-year-plan since high school—get a degree in hospitality, learn the ropes working for a big hotel, before opening my own bed and breakfast. 

Eli Hastings isn’t part of that plan. The sexy-as-sin contractor I hired to renovate my bed and breakfast is the kind of man I’ve learned to stay away from. 

I can’t stand him most of the time, especially when he’s interfering in my dreams like a know-it-all. That doesn’t mean I don’t imagine what it would feel like to have him pressed against me, but those fantasies are my best kept secret. 

I try to hate him, but one kiss is enough to give in to my desires. Eli challenges me to live outside of my box, until one major deviation in my plan is too big to ignore. I refuse for anything to stand in the way of my dream, even if it causes me to break my own heart.

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