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I am the type of person that jumps around from author to author like a true book whore. Can you blame me? There are so many amazing writers and books to read out there. There are a few authors I am loyal to. One of those authors recently published a book {this week}. Okay, so very recent. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC, and of course, one clicked the heck out of it as soon as it was live.

Rachel Blaufeld is one of those authors I read religiously. She writes a book, I’ve added it to my TBR. And seriously added it, none of that added and will get to it in the next few lives. NO, I read and devour her books. She published Verite in June and it became one of my top reads EVER. Absolution Road was no different. It’s quickly climbed my top reads ladder. I jumped right in and fell in love with the characters. She creates an amazing balance between her heroine and hero. You can’t help but love both. I love a great book boyfriend, but a great book girlfriend sometimes is hard to come by. She writes both beautifully. I admire her as a writer and person.

If you love books with a hint of angst, romance, and an amazing plot, buy her books. Dream, fall in love, and live in a fictional world for a little while. I promise it’s healthy.

Absolution Road: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

I’ve also been preparing to release WHISKEY NIGHTS {Book 2 in the Sweet on You Series}. I’m really excited. Cover reveal is tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! It’s gorgeous. I may be bias, so you can be the judge of that. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but I love book covers so I pay attention to them.

Whiskey Nights follows Beth and Jake’s story, who we meet in Sweet on Wilde. I love them. This story came out of no where since Sweet on Wilde was supposed {key word supposed} to be a standalone. I guess the joke was on me. 😉 I am so happy I developed there story. You can read Sweet on Wilde first to enhance the experience.

SWEET on WILDE Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

Add Whiskey Nights to Goodreads

Whiskey Nights teaserI have a reader group on Facebook, Fabiola’s Fab Reads. Join the fun. We only bite a little bit. 😉 You do get first dibs on what I’m up to, hang with bookies, author takeovers, and giveaways. Of course, Sam Hunt is always present amongst us. Not the real him, although if any of you could make that happen, I would be forever grateful. #CrushingHardOnSam  <~Yes, just hashtagged on a blog post.

Join Fabiola’s Fab Reads

Thank you all for being such amazing readers and friends. Your support does not go unnoticed, and I’m excited to start a new publishing journey with you all!




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