Wicked Wednesday Recommendation ~ One Last Kiss by Susan Ward

It’s been very busy for me lately getting ready for the release of Restoring Us, but I have managed to get some reading in. Today’s Wicked Wednesday recommendation is by and author I admire. Susan Ward has a way with words and getting deep into my soul to feel so many emotions. It was no different with One Last Kiss. This book is beautifully written with characters who have suffered their own challenges in life.

It was a pleasure to read more about these characters as they were introduced to me in Susan’s other book, The Girl on the Half Shell. I loved to see the connections now that I hadn’t quite figured out yet and reading Linda and Jack’s story. I found myself rooting for them and their love throughout the entire book.

Linda is a young woman set on figuring out more about her father when she runs into Jack, the hot, infamous 60s rock star. The relationship built between these two is honest, sweet, and emotional. The chemistry between the two characters is wonderfully developed, and I felt the emotions they were living. I truly enjoyed seeing this side of Linda and wondering what happens in her life to get her to where she is in The Girl on the Half Shell. And Jack, what can I say? He’s lost loved ones, and suffered, but he is so lovable and kind. His feelings for Linda are obvious, and you begin to see how she brings him out of that dark part of his life and see him smile freely again. His drunken comments added some laughs into the story, building a perfect balance.

I look forward to reading more of this series, and learning what happens to this characters. After all, it is an affair without end.

Susan Ward One Last Kiss

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