unScripted by Christy Pastore

Ronan is a Keeper

Happy release day to Christy Pastore!!! I am so excited for her new novel, unScripted. Christy has become a dear friend of mine in the past few months, and I cannot be happier for her. Congratulations! Christy also has one hot muse for Ronan. Here, let me give you a visual.


Hot right?! Meet Ronan! I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book. Below you will find my review!

You can one-clicked unScripted here!


Where do I begin? I’m so grateful I received an ARC for this book. I’ve been anticipating its release for a long time. Ronan Connolly. Need I say more? If you haven’t heard of him yet, let me introduce you. Hollywood’s Irish heartthrob. The man is sexy. He will make you swoon.

Unscripted follows Holliday and Ronan’s story. When they first meet Holliday is unsure of Ronan’s true intentions, but unable to deny her attraction, she gives into the lust she feels. Who wouldn’t, right? Holliday is a character I instantly loved. She’s smart, confident, and strong. Despite having lived a terrible experience, she has fought to regain her life and works each day towards becoming stronger.

Ronan doesn’t date. He’s very clear about that. He’s had his own share of broken relationships, but never been in love. Seeing the love he has for his daughters is amazing. A true father despite his role in Hollywood, it wins you over. It gives you some insight to why he is so protective of Holliday, and affected by her story. He definitely has the caretaker quality in him.

I love the honesty between these two characters. Understandably so, Holliday is a bit hesitant to open up about certain things in her past. When she does, Ronan’s support takes your breath away. He wants nothing more than to protect her and rid her of the past that harmed her. Reading the twist and turns this book took made me gasp in surprise at times. I did not see some things coming. Love how the mystery is revealed little by little, always revealing new layers of the characters.

The secondary characters were beautifully developed as well. Their roles in Holliday and Ronan’s lives intrigued me. It was interesting to see certain connections between the two. I also adored Holliday’s relationship with her sister and brother in law. It showed true family bonds.

This story screams sexy, passion, and love. I truly enjoyed how Pastore combined the lust filled desires of the characters with their deeper feelings for one another. Seeing both characters process those feelings and opening up to them was a true pleasure. Although it is part of a series, it doesn’t leave you with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, which is nice. You get a full story, but you’ll definitely want more when you finish. I can’t wait to see how this story continues and the development of Ronan and Holliday’s relationship. I sense some more twist and turns in the future.

Unscripted teaser


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