HAPPY RELEASE DAY RACHEL BLAUFELD!!! I am so happy and excited for my friend and fellow author, Rachel Blaufeld on the release of her second novel, Smoldered.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Smoldered, and I loved every second of it! Smoldered is Asher’s story. We first meet (and fall in love) with Asher in the first book of the series, Electrified.

Asher is a strong, caring, and an emotionally troubled soul. He has this need to care for women and keep them safe. However, under the jeans, boots, and unbreakable facade, is a gentle and caring man in need of love. One night he comes across an old friend, another woman he feels the need to protect, but old feelings resurface and bring about deeper emotions.

I loved reading Asher and Natalie’s story. It’s real, emotional, and speaks levels of truth about life and its struggles. Rachel has done an amazing job of weaving the story, tying in from the first book and characters, and continuing to expand Asher and Natalie’s story along the way. There is also mystery and and OH MY GOD moment you just can’t help but love. This is an emotion-filled read that will keep you wanting more.

You will find yourself rooting for these characters throughout the entire book, wishing and hoping they find a way to their true happiness and allow themselves the chance to love and be loved. It gets FIVE SMOLDERING STARS from me!

You can buy Smoldered here:

Here are some teasers for you to swoon over:   Smoldered teaser 2Smoldered teaser


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