“I suspect that every writer is secretly writing for someone.” ~ Brewster Ghiselin

When I was in high school I took creative writing as an elective; my favorite class and teacher to this day. Today I was looking through my old binder looking for a particular piece I remember writing- I won’t tell you how long I’ve had it for, but it’s been a long time. ūüėČ I came across this reflection I wrote for a quote:

“I suspect that every writer is secretly writing for someone.” ~¬†Brewster Ghiselin¬†

Everyone’s creativity and inner thoughts come from an inspiration which is unknown, but yet has made an impact for that person. All works of art have a meaning behind it greater than what one sees with the eye alone. Creativity is inspiration. A writer writes for someone anonymous to everyone else except the two of them. I may write a poem or story relating to someone, who changed me and whom I cherish very much, but no one may know the real reason. Any form of art is a mystery.

These are the thoughts of my 16 year old self back in the day. How beautiful to think that a writing is so deep that it intimately connects with a reader. I think the relationship between a writer and reader is a deep connection made between the two of them. I have taken on both roles; writer and reader.

As a writer, I hope to connect with my readers on that intimate level where they take a part of me and my writing with them no matter where life’s journey takes them. Sometimes I think of it as a secret, unknown affair, admiring and learning from afar. I don’t know all my readers, but in a way, I write a story that each and every one of them will hopefully grow with. ¬†

I have been impacted in that way as a reader. When I have read something and thought, “Did this author get into my head and read my thoughts and emotions?” It’s like he/she was secretly reading my every being and writing his/her soul so that it would reach me and only me.¬†

We all interpret what we read differently, and that is the beauty with literature. To jump into a world that resonates with us alone because of what we have experienced in our own personal journey. Any form of art is a mystery, and I love to get lost in that unknown world and discover how it speaks to me. 


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